5 Tips to RevUp your Resume

20 May 2019Posted by Aerial Sharpe

Looking for your next perfect job?
The process can seem daunting, but the best first step you can take is to update your resume. We checked in with Alex Thomas, one of Revolution’s Account Managers, for some tips, tricks and generally great advice for updating resumes. Here are 5 Tips to RevUp your Resume from Revolution’s finest!

1. What the Font?
Choose a professional font and use the same font throughout the entire resume. Always make sure your format is consistent throughout the entire resume (i.e. font size, font face, font type, spacing, bolding). Consistency really is key to having a solid resume.

2. Even Resume’s Have an “Order of Operations”
Remember learning about the Order of Operations back in math class? Well, this also applies to resumes, simply meaning that the order that you list your resume content actually matters. Alex suggests following this order, from top to bottom: (1) Name and basic contact info, (2) Summary of Qualifications,
(3) Skills, (4) Education, (5) Relevant Work History in Chronological Order (but no more than 10-15 years).

3. Location, Location, Location
Be careful not to include your full home address at the top of your resume. Simply stating the city and state will suffice. Listing your full address can put you at risk – you never know what someone can do with your name and address information! If you are not local to the job market you are applying to, be sure to explain that you are trying to (or at least willing to) relocate to that area when talking to the recruiter or hiring manager so that you are not automatically excluded from the pool of qualified candidates simply because you do not live locally.

4. Avoid Awkward Email Addresses
Make sure you have a professional email address listed on your resume. If you don’t have one, be sure to create a new one! *Insider tip: employers do talk about the weirdest email address they have come across during lunch for laughs. Don’t be one of them!

5. Make the Resume Work for you
Think of your resume as a living, breathing document. As you learn new skills, be sure to update your resume, but also it is important to make sure you are gearing your resume towards the position that you are applying for. You should create a new Summary of Qualifications for each different position that you apply for. Also, make sure you are using key words from the job description throughout the entire resume so that your resume gets lots of attention, especially if being screened by an ATS (applicant tracking system).

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