Rev Up 2020 Grand Prix

Our Melbourne team raced to the finish line in our first quarterly team-building event of 2020! Each group dressed up as their favorite pop culture racing icons to compete at Andretti’s Thrill Park on their most intense go-kart tracks.

28 February 2020 – Posted by Kimberly Sanchez

The team that won first place in our Rev Up 2020 Grand Prix dubbed themselves “The Little Rascals”, with their themed costumes inspired by the 1994 iconic movie of the same name. They took home the gold and a company paid team lunch.

The wig and mustaches helped the “Super Smash Bro’s.” group win the Best Team Spirit Award.

Our entire team had so much fun participating in this event from dressing up to racing each other. We can’t wait for the Rev Up 2021 Grand Prix!