Returning to Work Tips

Getting ready to head back into the office but worried about workplace health & safety? We’ve got the advice you need to RevUp your confidence about safely returning to work and maintaining a healthy environment.

  • Maintaining distance and creating barriers will be your most important actions when you get back into the office.  A distance of at least 6 feet is recommended, but the goal is to refrain from collaborating too closely with your peers. If the quarters are too close still (and even if you are far enough apart), wear a mask—this will help stop the spread of respiratory droplets.
  • Another important step to take is to maintain cleanliness! Every hour or so, pause your work (if you can) and disinfect your desk and other commonly touched things like door handles, countertops, keyboards, light switches, and the cabinets in the breakroom. Bleach disinfectant sprays are a great option for this, but hydrogen peroxide works well, too!
  • To increase air circulation and flow, open a few windows. This helps prevent germs from residing in one space for too long. If you can’t open any office windows, maybe set up a few desk fans or industrial fans to keep the air flowing.
  • Last but not least—wash your hands regularly! The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds (sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while you’re washing!). If all the sinks are occupied, hand sanitizer is a great temporary alternative.

By following these pieces of advice, we’re confident that your return to work will be as safe and clean as possible!

-Posted 4 June 2020 and Written by Kayla Saboor-Ramsay, our HR Generalist and Pet Enthusiast