Enterprise Applications (EA) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting

EA and ERP systems–especially SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, Salesforce–have a disproportionately high impact on all business operations and resulting company profitability. Stakeholders must not only affect demonstrable results but manage perceived impacts as well.

Revolution, providing EA and ERP consulting since 1993, is aconsulting firm with longest-tenured, best-in-class expertise provided in an affordable structure. The Revolution approach maximizes profitability for our client’s bottom line while simultaneously cultivating stakeholder cachet through consultative perception and status management.

SAP Services Partner
Oracle Certified Partner
PeopleSoft Certified Partner
Salesforce Certified

Cloud, *aaS, Infrastructure, Hardware, & Systems Consulting

Complex applications by nature require complex systems to realize full functionality. Systems exist not just to facilitate business operations, but to achieve competitive advantage.

The systems landscape evolves rapidly. Revolution operates above the landscape with a full view of the subtle shifts and tectonic changes that ripple across the digitalized world. This perspective enables Revolution to provide fully informed, “all-angles” consulting for the diverse range of structures including cloud, *-as-a-Service, infrastructure, and hardware optimized for the mission-critical initiative at hand.

Engineering Consulting

The implication of utilizing great engineers permeates most aspects of our clients’ operations. From design to personnel safety there simply is no room for compromise.

Revolution provides engineering consulting for arguably the most important projects in the world. From national defense to pharmaceutical and healthcare; from major manufacturing to logistics and transportation; from computer systems to financial backbones, Revolution’s extensively experienced engineers provide electrical, mechanical, industrial, chemical, civil, aerospace, environmental, biomedical, petroleum, materials, health & safety, geological, agricultural, marine, computer, and other various engineering consulting to the largest, Fortune 500 multi-nationals down to entrepreneurial start-ups attempting to disrupt their market.

Management Consulting

Objective guidance, best-practices, democratized strategy; management consulting seeks to deliver on often elusive concepts.

Revolution provides “big three/big four” level management consulting with an overriding drive to provide clarity of purpose. Clarity all too often missing in management consulting engagements. Our clients’ stakeholders can sleep at night knowing some of the best and brightest in the world are consulting in a client-first-client-focused–not Revolution-focused–manner. We even count some of the “big three/big four” as clients.

Strategic Talent Acquisition Consulting

Talent acquisition is second only to the actual product or service provided in terms of strategic importance to our clients’ continued operation and success. The best widget in the world will not save a company that poorly acquires or inadequately cultivates the people who make, sell, deliver, and support that widget.

Revolution’s greatest strength is finding, recruiting, and cultivating people. We have sourced, recruited, hired, and managed over one hundred thousand people since company inception. We have operated successfully in the most challenging circumstances, micro and macro. And we have failed! We have learned a lot from our successes and even more from our failures! We impart all this learned knowledge and all this hard-won wisdom to our clients when collaborating to build a proprietary talent acquisition strategy for each individual client.