The Beginning


It all started when our founder sought out to make a difference by bridging the gap between the right company and the right talent. In our first year, we grew from 1 Recruiter working out of a house in Lake Mary, FL to 3, and then to 5 Recruiters.

Despite the .com burst and its harsh impact on the economy and job market, this was the year that our company not only continued to grow, but to thrive. Our team grew to 8 Recruiters and we officially became known as Revolution Technologies. We also acquired another staffing company, Vital Technologies.

Our First Office


With a growing headcount, we opened up our first Orlando, FL office right in the heart of the University of Central Florida campus.

Atlanta Office


The year Revolution expanded into a new state, cutting the ribbon on our new office in Atlanta, GA. The Atlanta team was formed to focus on clients and talent in the IT and railroad industries.

Lexmark International


The year we became master supplier for what would be one of our longest-lasting clients and partners, Lexmark International. We are proud of our team’s focus on providing top talent and enduring results for Lexmark.

Melbourne Office


The year Revolution’s corporate office and operations team moved to Melbourne, FL. The new Melbourne office brought forward new recruiters focused on helping with high-volume roles and partnering with clients to promote retention and overall success.

Chicago Office


The year Revolution opened a new office in Chicago, IL. The new Chicago team was formed as a focus on the pharmaceutical, science, transportation and agricultural industries.

Raleigh Office


The year we opened up shop in Raleigh, NC. The Raleigh team became focused on new sectors of the IT industry, transportation, and healthcare industries.

Minneapolis Office


The year our Minneapolis, MN office opened with a fresh focus on filling niche roles for major players in many verticals. The Minneapolis team has since thrived connecting purple unicorn talent with amazing opportunities in IT, Project Management, Business Analysts, etc.

New Corporate Office


The year we designed, built, and opened our new corporate office. This office was built to be the central hub company-wide, housing more recruiters than any other staffing firm in the area.

Charlotte Office


The year our second North Carolina location opened in Charlotte. If there is one thing we learned about doing business in NC, it’s that the people make all the difference. Our Charlotte team has maintained focus on helping our clients in the financial and health sciences space.

EA Team


Revolution invested in forming an elite team dedicated to staffing and solutions for the Enterprise Applications space. Since then, Our EA Team has consistently filled difficult and niche ERP roles with extremely rare talent.

The year our Orlando team moved to a bigger office space to accommodate the growing headcount.

New Partner


The year Miles Toshie became a partner. Miles joined Revolution in 2007 and has helped guide our company towards an even brighter future with a strong set of skills, passionate leadership, and wise counsel.

Asset Acquisition


The year we completed an asset acquisition of another staffing company, Spartan Resources. We were excited to welcome a strong team of Recruiters, Sales, clients and consultants to the Revolution family.

Pittsburgh & Denver


Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the global stage, we committed to ensuring job security for all of our staff with zero layoffs. Not only did we protect all of our employee’s jobs, but we also opened two new offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Denver, CO and became certified as a Great Place to Work.

Celebrating 20 years


Revolution Technologies turned 20 in 2021. We are proud of the work that our team has done spanning 2 decades, always keeping the focus on making a difference for our clients, talent, and communities.

This year we also welcomed a new partner to the table, Stacy Schott. Stacy brings a fiercely dedicated approach to solving clients problems and we look forward to her continued guidance and leadership.

Hybrid Workplace


The year we began promoting a hybrid workplace to help our employees find a better balance between work and their personal life.