Client: Hayward Industries

Identify Business Challenge: Eighty-year-old highly successful manufacturer became a public company transforming itself across all business and technologies into the digital age.  CIO engaged Revolution Technologies to provide technology resources for support services due to the high turnover and quality of working with incumbent technology supplier.  The consistent turnover has cost significant amounts of wasted time, money, and resources that had a significant impact on the operational efficiency of the manufacturing plants.

What we provided:  Revolution Technologies engaged directly with the Global End User Support Senior Director to understand their challenges and provide high-quality talent that mapped directly to those needs.  The requirement for End User Support technicians was immediate and urgent.  The Revolution team engaged in a video interview process sitting in on the interview with the hiring manager and candidates providing a highly efficient and targeted process producing significantly high-quality workers within a very short timeframe creating a win-win-win for all parties involved

popdevteamClient: Hayward Industries