2021 RISE Award Winner Announced

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By: Laura Scuderi

The Rise Community Service Award is based on volunteer performance, leadership potential, and participation in local community engagement initiatives. It was founded by Revolution Technologies, LLC in 2019 in tribute to founder and CEO, Ted Parker. As an avid believer in giving back to his community, Ted has spearheaded many initiatives and helped local charitable organizations, ultimately strengthening our neighborhood and helping to improve the lives of those in our community. His passion for giving back has become a core part of what we do at Revolution every day.

We are honored to present the 2021 RISE Award (and the grand prize of $1000 dollars!) to an employee who is so deserving of it: Kathryn Oldenburg!

In the midst of a global pandemic, Kathryn says she felt inspired to give back to her community. She began volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Coastal & Northern New Jersey last year, where she became a mentor to a 9-year-old girl, Cataleya. According to Kathryn, she spends her time with her “little sister” Cataleya engaging in “fun enrichment activities that allow Cataleya to learn, while also giving her the individualized attention she lacks at home. The commitment lasts for a minimum of one year.”

Tragedy struck in Kathryn’s life just shortly after she was matched with Cataleya, but in the face of adversity Kathryn has maintained a positive outlook, and a dedication and commitment to continue mentoring her “little sister.” “I lost my brand new home and car to Hurricane Ida, and I felt firsthand the power of community”; said Kathryn. “I will never forget how complete strangers came to my aid, bringing me food, offering me shelter, making sure I was okay. I am so proud that I can be that person for Cataleya. Despite my loss, we have continued our hangouts, so even in my unfortunate position, Cataleya has helped me find some joy.”

When asked what her future community engagement plans were, Kathryn said she wanted to continue her mentorship, stating: “Hopefully I can remain a part of Cataleya’s life for many more years and introduce her to community service initiatives outside of the organization that she can get involved in.” Kathryn said she would be interested in finding new ways to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the possibility of working with the Red Cross in the future.

Kathryn’s selfless dedication to volunteering and mentoring, in spite of the obstacles she has faced, is the epitome of why the RISE Award is all about: “Fostering and promoting a philanthropic company culture where employees are proud to RISE up and help make a difference in local communities.” Congratulations on this amazing achievement!

popdevteam2021 RISE Award Winner Announced
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Revolution Technologies Partners with The Parker Foundation for Speak

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Play Ball! This past Tuesday, Revolution Technologies employees stepped up to bat at Max Rodes Park in Melbourne, FL to volunteer at the Speak Through Sports Challenger Baseball event, organized by The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development. This event is running from April 6th through May 4th.

The Speak Through Sports Challenger Baseball event is a fully funded adaptive and inclusive baseball program for all school age children on the Autism spectrum and their siblings.  Revolution Technologies is a corporate sponsor of the event, and our employees will get to “buddy up” during practices, connecting with kids of all ages and abilities to coach and play baseball throughout the season!

If you would like to volunteer for this event, you can contact The Parker Foundation Director, Julia Barney, at 321-512-4243 or juliambarney@gmail.com .

popdevteamRevolution Technologies Partners with The Parker Foundation for Speak
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It’s Official! We are a Great Place to Work!

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We are so excited to announce that Revolution has been certified as a Great Place to Work!

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue and increased innovation. We help companies around the world survey their employees, benchmark their results, identify gaps and improve their workplace culture.

We are so grateful for the culture, work ethic and atmosphere our employees have created and furthered over the years, and are immensely proud of all of our teams’ accomplishments.

What do our employees have to say?

Christian Greene, Special Operations Support, explained what he enjoys most about working for Revolution. “It feels like one, big family here and everyone really is a team player.” Daicy Riccard, HR Coordinator, said what she loves about the company is the culture. “At Revolution, everyone has respect for one another. There is a lot of employee engagement and opportunities for advancement, which gives employees a growth mindset and incentive to continue to strive to do the their best every day.”

We asked Vice President of Operations, Kevin Burke, what his thoughts were about this amazing achievement and he said, “I am incredibly proud of all the Revolution team has accomplished during one of the most challenging times in recent memory. Achieving the employee-driven Great Place to Work certification during this challenging time is a testament to the quality, consideration, and positivity of our people. This great culture permeates through all our interactions resulting in happy, satisfied associates, clients and consultants.”

The company’s people-centric culture is reflected in the both the words and attitudes of the employees that work here. As the famous quote goes: “If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

popdevteamIt’s Official! We are a Great Place to Work!
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